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Amber Watkins
Amber Watkins
Jesse was very professional, friendly and helpful! He saved me hundreds of dollars a year on my homeowners and auto insurance, and took care of getting everything to my mortgage company to update my escrow account. I would highly recommend 5280 Insurance.
Marty Maestas (Jedits123)
Marty Maestas (Jedits123)
I worked with Jessie Shelton to get insurance. He was so helpful and I hope to transfer more of my insurance needs to this company. Thank you Jessie!!
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley
My agent took the time to understand what existing coverages I had as well as my assets to ensure that I had the appropriate amount of coverage. He was able to do this all while saving me a good chunk of money each year. I truly appreciated the professionalism and care rather than a cookie-cutter quote.
Jackson Hickey
Jackson Hickey
I’ve now worked with Jesse and 5280 for over a year and it’s been amazing. We started with just getting car insurance, but ended up buying a house. He was super helpful getting things set up, and explaining how the whole process worked. He shopped around for us and not only got us the coverage we wanted, but saved us some money along the way.
Emily Meyer
Emily Meyer
They made the process of getting insurance easy and stress-free, and were able to save me money. Great customer service.
Papa Mike
Papa Mike
Ross was very responsive to our needs and I felt like he did a great job giving us a strong variety of options to suit our needs. Recommended!
Jesse Shelton
Jesse Shelton
I worked with Ross to get auto insurance for me and my brother. Ross took his time to find the best and reasonably priced plan for me, which had better coverage for less cost than my old plan. He was very knowledgable and helpful in selecting the proper coverage. He walked me through each part of my coverage and there was never any pressure, just educated guidance. I have already recommended 5280 Insurance to other members of my family. This will be my go to team for all of my future insurance needs.

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Let's Chat
First, enter your contact information and one of our team members will reach out to you promptly! A quick call is all we need to get the necessary details to customize a policy that fits any situation.
The Perfect Policy
Shopping from the top carriers in the industry, our team will find the best insurer, for a great price, with the right coverage. We’ll drop a great option in your inbox and be available anytime to discuss questions or potential revisions.
Celebrate Savings
Once we have the final details tightened up, we’ll issue your policy and you’ll be free to enjoy your savings! Leave behind the days of shopping insurance. Year over year, our team will review your renewal to make sure you’re in the best situation possible.

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Who should I contact to file a claim?

Contact your carrier’s claims department and follow their guidance. As brokers, we can answer questions about the claims process but our expertise is in coverage and customer service. Our carriers have dedicated claims experts that will guide you through every step of the process.

Who should I contact with policy servicing questions?

Our agents are always available to answer questions and service policies. For immediate policy corrections, vehicle additions, and other servicing needs, contact your carrier’s customer service center. As an agency, we have invested back into all of our carriers to bring our clients the quickest and most reliable service possible.

Why choose a brokerage over a captive agency?

As a brokerage, we are always adding new carriers to bring our clients the best rates possible.  This allows us to shop multiple insurance carriers to save you time and money. A captive agent will only have ONE carrier to provide insurance.

Who does 5280 Insurance work for?

5280 Insurance is partnered with the top carriers in the industry. Our agents are not tied to any one carrier. With multiple carriers at our disposal, our responsibility is to our clients and our clients alone.

Where can I find my policy information?

In order to streamline policy information access, 5280 Insurance does not have our own client portal. However, each carrier requires new clients to set up an online account which is where clients can access declaration pages, policy information, carrier contact information, and ID cards.

Can I change insurance carriers in the middle of a policy term?

Yes, whether you pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually, as the insured, you have the right to change carriers at any time throughout a policy period. Upon cancellation, you will always receive a prorated refund check from your prior carrier. This generally takes about 7-10 days.

How can you save me money on insurance if it is the same coverage I already have?

As a brokerage, we have the top carriers in the industry at our fingertips to find the best available rate while providing the appropriate coverage for you and your family.

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